to be depressed than others

In the case of the school bullying, media reported that a staff member of the jiayi county education bureau had tried to cover up the problem by saying "they are joking".

, renmin university of China and national development strategy research institute researcher wang shuixiong, pointed out that "the plan" for the regulation of the assessment and accountability mechanism,

can lead to consciously conceal relevant problems. This reminds relevant department in handling case, should undertake more careful screening and judgment.

Anhui university associate professor, school of law Wei Xiaowei believe that bullying as a social problem, need according to the concrete behavior and consequence of bullies, civil or criminal liability

shall be investigated to determine the need. At present, from the national level, there are many cases of criminal responsibility for criminal responsibility.

In the case of school bullying, children who are bullied are not just physically hurt, but their mental health problems can also be ignored, according to fang shuanghu, director of the psychological

consultation institute at anhui normal university. Statistics show that children who are bullied are more likely to be depressed than others.

"Because of their young age, limited ability to manage emotions, immature minds, and feelings of dignity or pride, they could be the trigger for bullying on campus," he said. "Said fang shuanghu.

After the introduction of the plan, wang shuxiong said that some of the voices that had been suppressed, stolen and covered gradually "broke out", which also brought governance opportunities for school


Experts call for a combination of education and punishment for school bullying.

How to stay away from violence and bullying? Experts suggest that comprehensive treatment should be taken from multiple levels of family, school and society.

After the incident, emergency deployment jiayu county bureau of education to develop the county school bullying rectification action, the school immediately involved the contradiction dispute hidden danger

and security loopholes in management rules, further improve the management mechanism and safety measures.

Proposal two tigers, society should use a variety of means such as laws and regulations propaganda, bullying behavior recognition, strengthen prevention education, school level should formulate bullying

prevention work system, improve the emergency response plans, and establish an early warning, matter and afterwards intervention mechanism, such as the prevention and control comprehensively considered

bullying in school safety work.

"Said wang shuixiong, let the bullying case was found" "stop" is often bullying by the parties, therefore, should arouse the sympathy of bullies, cultivate the bully justifiable defense consciousness,

inspire the courage of other students bullying intervention.

"Teachers, parents and fellow students should also report to the school and the police in a timely manner." "Said fang shuanghu.

One parent said that parents are the first teachers of students and that the family atmosphere is an important environment for children to grow up. Parents should pay attention to the cultivation of